Latam Airlines Group


Our mission is to connect people safely, with operational excellence and a personal touch, seeking to become one of the most admired airline groups in the world. In order to achieve our mission, the principal areas on which we plan to focus our efforts going forward are as follows:

Continually Strengthen Our Network

We intend to continue to strengthen our route network in South America, offering the best connectivity within the region at competitive prices and ensuring that we are the most convenient option for our passengers. We are the only airline group in the world with a local presence in six home markets and an international and intra-regional operation. This position is bolstered by our enhanced infrastructure in several of our key hubs, allowing us to further strengthen our network. We intend to leverage our position to create a leading portfolio of services and destinations, providing more options to our passengers and building a platform to support continued growth.

Enhance Brand Leadership and Customer Experience

We will always seek to be the preferred choice of passengers in South America. Our efforts are supported by a differentiated passenger experience and our leveraging of mobile digital technologies. We continue working on the implementation of our single, unified brand, culture, product and value proposition for our passengers. Additionally, we are focused on defining LATAM’s digital strategy, including applications to achieve ancillary revenues and improving the management of contingencies, so that we are able to provide information and solutions to our customers in a timely and transparent manner. We continually assess opportunities to incorporate service improvements in order to respond effectively to our customers’ needs.

Improving Efficiency and Cost Competitiveness

We are continually working to maintain a competitive cost structure and further improve our efficiency, simplify our organization and increase flexibility and speed in decision-making. Cost savings include reductions in fuel and fees, procurement, operations, overhead and distribution costs, among others, as well as the implementation of a customized service in domestic and international markets. We are currently working at an accelerated pace on cost initiatives in all these areas.

Organizational Strength

We aspire to be a group of passionate people, working in a simple and aligned manner, with inspiring leaders making agile decisions. This will allow us to deliver a distinctive value proposition to our customers and operate sustainably over the long term.

Proactive Risk Management

We strive to have a holistic and responsible view of risk in decision-making. We put special focus on risks that have high potential impact and low probability of occurrence, which could significantly affect LATAM’s strategic objectives.